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Dome Connect is a web based documentation project management and facilities management solution.
Technical Authoring


"By authoring entire projects, Dome is able to apply economies of scale to the process offering significant savings..."


Dome has made a considerable investment in its Technical Authoring Division which is based in a dedicated office at “The Granary” near Maidstone in Kent. All of our authors work within a well-defined set of standards to provide consistency in language, terminology and format and layout across all manuals.

The Granary - Technical Authoring Division

We manage the production of documentation on many construction projects of all sizes each year, including office, retail, residential, travel leisure, defence and health.

Dome’s Authored Projects Team will take responsibility for all aspects of the Documentation Production process, from the definition and approval of project standards, through the sourcing of design and construction information from the project’s EDM System, the actual writing of the documents, approvals and final handover according to the Schedule of Deliverables.


By authoring entire projects, Dome is able to apply economies of scale to the process, offering significant savings over the cost of engaging individual sub-contractors to engage their own authors, and with the benefits of a consistent style and adherence to client standards across the whole project. Over a 24 month project, Dome Consulting Technical Authoring will typically produce O&M manuals between 2 and 6 months earlier than trade sub-contractors and at demonstrably lower cost, with the additional benefit of freeing the trade contractors from the traditional burden of attempting to complete manuals at exactly the time that they need to be concentrating on delivering the project. We manage this by:

  • Working only with PAYE employees
  • Providing them with a superb work environment
  • Managing their commitments
  • Ring fencing resource for your projects